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“This is the industry I knew I wanted to grow my career in…”

Over the years I have accumulated experience in different aspects over multiple industries. As a teenager I worked as a cashier for a grocery store, managed a restaurant in my early twenties, and later moved on to banking to become a personal banker. I was then presented with the opportunity to work for the NRCS-USDA as a Farm Bill Program Specialist. All this hard work gained me my big break into the Oil and Gas Industry with a Major Oil Company; from the start of that I knew that this was the industry I wanted to grow my career in.

I gained experience managing people in the restaurant industry, I learned customer service and the importance of it through my position as a personal banker, and lastly time management with the various hats I wore while working for my first Company in the Oil and Gas Industry. It was all a perfect storm to prepare me for Project Management.

From start to finish there is nothing more important than customer satisfaction and going above and beyond for our customer and the project engineers that I work with each day.

Must haves in Project Management:

· Strong communication skills

· Time management

· Organization skills

· Leadership

· Reporting skills

· Team management

· Adaptability

· Policy knowledge

· Interpersonal skills


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