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Sales During A Pandemic

Updated: May 3, 2021

“Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later.” – Og Mandino

The above quote has always been one of my favorite sales quotes to motivate myself, But I never knew how important it would be for me in 2021.

For the oil and gas industry, customer service and relationships are key. Being able to visit with your clients and ask them how their families are, how their kids sports are going and in general just visiting, are how we have always built relationships. Relationships are how your customers trust you and know that you will always have their best interest at hand. Since the pandemic, not being able to visit and just have good conversations, has been hard. A lot of companies are still not back to work so even having a food basket delivered has been impossible.

I have had to learn how to stay in front of my customers by making videos and sending emails to just check in during the slow times.

The real challenge is marketing new business. With most business closed, and all of the conferences canceled, you end up scratching your head and trying to stay positive. For me, having a good support system with colleagues and my manager has been what has kept me from giving up. When I start to feel defeated, I go to my manager and talk through it. We talk about the months to come and what we can do when things start opening back up. For Oklahoma, outdoor events are what we are focusing on. Golf tournaments, clay shoots and baseball games. We have found that everyone is excited to get back out and meet people in our industry and keep the support system going. Our industry is a very close industry. Like family. And just like family, we stick together and lift each other up.

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