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Radiation Safety

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40 Hours



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Radiation Safety

Michael Kirby

Michael Kirby has dedicated his career to helping others learn in an efficient and effective manner.

About the course

Course Description: This 40 hour Radiations Safety Course is designed to meet State and Local Federal regulatory requirements for initial training to practice radiography with radioactive materials. This course is also ideal for those wishing to obtain their IRRSP card for either Radioactive Materials (RAM) “Gamma sources”, X-Ray or Combination card.

Radiation Safety Classroom Training Outline
1.0 Introduction, Course overview, and Industrial Radiography
2.0 Basic Radiation Physics
3.0 Characteristics of X-ray and Gamma radiation, Quantities of Radioactivity
4.0 Sources of radiation, interaction with matter & units of Radiation Dose
5.0 Biological effect and Hazards of Radiation
6.0 Levels of radiation from sources of Radiation
7.0 Method of controlling Radiation Dose (Distance, Time and Shielding)
8.0 Radiation Protection Programs and ALARA
9.0 Mathematics, Formulas and Problem Solving
10.0 Personal Monitoring Devices
11.0 Use, Operation, calibration, and limitation of Radiation Survey Instrument
12.0 Instrument Lab and Trouble Shooting
13.0 Radiation Survey Techniques
14.0 Industrial Radiographic Techniques Radiation
15.0 Radiation Standards of Protection (10 CFR Part 19 and 20)

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