Mechanical Integrity

Mechanical Integrity

Mechanical Integrity is the process of ensuring that process equipment is fabricated from the proper materials of construction and is properly installed, maintained, and replaced to prevent failures and accidental releases.

• As an owner you design, build and install a process in accordance with your:

                o – Process Safety Information (PSI),

                 o – Operating Procedures (SOP’s), and,

                 o – Process Hazard Analysis (PHA).

A Mechanical Integrity program ensures it continues to perform in the way you initially intended it to.

   • Equipment Applications

              o Pressure vessels and storage tanks;

              o Piping systems (including piping components such as valves);

              o Relief and vent systems and devices;

MI is more than a “maintenance program”. MI requires documented inspection and testing.

  • Corrosion Monitoring

          o Ultrasonic Thickness Testing

              Hand held general corrosion testing

              Continuous scan crawlers

              Guided Wave

   o Profile Radiography

              Digital Radiography

              Conventional Radiography

   o Visual Inspection

              API Certified Inspectors

              Certified Welding Inspectors

   o Pipeline Integrity

             Laser Mapping of external corrosion

             Ultrasonic Phased Array for long seam weld integrity

Components of a Mechanical Integrity Program

            • Written procedures.

            • Training for maintenance activities.

            • Inspection and testing.

            • Equipment deficiencies.

            • Quality assurance.

At Advanced NDT and Consulting, we can work with you to develop a written program, implement the appropriate inspection and testing methods, identified deficiencies, and reduce your potential for accidental release.

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