Power Generation

Power Generation


Power Generation is a fundamental component of our civil infrastructure and everyday life. Reliability of these plants and protection are of the greatest importance. The potential for safety and environmental risks can be minimized through routine inspections of Assets such as Boilers, Piping, Tanks and Pressure Vessels. Problems identified from these inspections can help prevent unscheduled shutdowns and help trend problems so they can be safely monitored and tracked. Advanced NDT and Consulting employ Technicians that are highly experienced in Wind Power, Nuclear GS, Fossil, Co Generation and Hydro-Electric Plants. From Wind Turbines to Periodic Inspection of Piping Welds in Nuclear GS, our experience and know-how can be a valuable asset to your operation.


  • Turbine Component Inspections, PAUT and MT
  • AUT/PA/Tofd in-lieu of Internal Inspections of Tanks and Pressure Vessels
  • Deaerator Storage Tank and Vessel Inspections
  • Flow Accelerated Corrosion Surveys
  • Automated UT for Corrosion Mapping (C-Scan)
  • Boiler Thickness Surveys and Visual Inspections
  • Ultrasonic Examinations of Welds, Forgings, Castings
  • Babbitt Bearings and UT Thickness Surveys
  • Advanced crack sizing using Phased Array UT, Tofd,
  • Tip Diffraction and High Angle LW
  • Corrosion Mapping - Internal/External
  • High Energy piping Inspections for Creep Cracking
  • Stress-Corrosion Cracking Sizing and Monitoring
  • Phased Array UT of Boiler Tube welds
  • Specialists in HRSG/OTSG Weld Inspections of Tubes, Header Cracking and Casing Cracks

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