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Magnetic Particle Testing Level I/II

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24 Hours



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Magnetic Particle Testing Level I/II

Michael Kirby

Michael Kirby has dedicated his career to helping others learn in an efficient and effective manner.

About the course

Magnetic particle Testing (MT) is a non-destructive testing (NDT) process for detecting surface and shallow subsurface discontinuities in ferromagnetic materials.
During the classroom training students will learn the requirements to become Qualified & Certified to successfully perform Magnetic Particle Testing. The curriculum covers all aspects of magnetic particle testing such as, Magnetic Principles & Theory, Flux Leakage, Magnetic Fields, AC/DC current, direct & indirect magnetization, fluorescent & dry power applications, and more.
Magnetic Particle Testing Level I & II (MT) is designed for those students that wish to enter the NDT Industry as a MT Technician. This class meets the classroom training requirements in accordance with SNT-TC-1A, & CP-189 and covers the body of knowledge outlined in CP-105.

Magnetic Particle Testing Level I & II Classroom Training Outline
1.0 Principles of magnets and magnetic Fields
2.0 Characteristics of magnetic fields
3.0 Effect of discontinuities of Materials
4.0 Magnetization by means of Electric Current
5.0 How to select the proper method of Magnetization
6.0 Types of mediums used in Magnetic Particle Testing
7.0 Principles of Demagnetization
8.0 Types of Discontinuities detected by MT
9.0 Magnetic Particle Test Indications and Interpretations
10.0 Principles and Review
11.0 Flux Fields
12.0 Effects of Discontinuities on Materials
13.0 Magnetization by Means of Electric Current
14.0 Selecting the Proper Method of Magnetization
15.0 Demagnetization Procedures
16.0 Equipment
17.0 Evaluation Techniques
18.0 QC of Equipment and Processes

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