Laser Mapping

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Laser Mapping

Sean Pascavage

Sean Pascavage

About the course

3D Laser scanning provides digital modeling using laser lights and mathematics to create 3D models. Specialized software then uses triangulation to record data points on the surface of objects being scanned. These points are collected along the X, Y, and Z planes to create a 3D rendering.
During the classroom training students will learn the requirements to become Qualified & Certified to perform 3D Laser Mapping. The course covers aspects of 3D Laser Mapping inspection such as basic principles, equipment, laser safety, and more. Classroom and practical application ensure that all students complete the course with the understanding of the basic principles of 3D Laser Mapping.
Laser Mapping course allows students who wish to obtain the required 40 hours of classroom training in accordance with SNT-TC-1A and CP-189. The curriculum encompasses the body of knowledge outlined in CP-105 in addition to hands on training.

Laser Mapping Classroom Training Outline
1.0 Introduction
2.0 Basic Principles of Laser Scanning
3.0 Laser Safety
4.0 System Setup
5.0 Data Processing and analysis
6.0 Evaluation of indications
7.0 Inspection procedures and standards
8.0 Advanced software functions
9.0 Reporting