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NDT uses several methods, including visual inspection, ultrasonic, dye penetrant, magnetic particle, acoustic emission, electromagnetic, and radiography. Common tools used include trained expert's eyes, caliper micrometers, ultrasonic wall thickness gauges, and portable grinders in addition to the specific tools used for more complex testing methods.

Knowing when and how to apply NDT is important. In the manufacture of massive, high-speed paper machines, the ability to inspect castings, weldments, wall thicknesses, and roll shells in an accurate and comprehensive manner is a critical need. This is even more important when the machine has been in use for several years, possibly with changes made to the original framework, and operating conditions that are now placing more stress on the equipment than the original design allowed. Advanced NDT & Consulting experienced Technicians work hand to hand with our "Partners" so they may recieve a safe, timely,  & data-driven turnaround time.

Paper & Pulp

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