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Pipeline and Facility

Pipeline & Facility Integrity Services

Pipeline & Facility Comprehensive Services include:

  • Integrity consulting services

  • Environmental assessment

  • Anomaly evaluation

  • Laser assessment of pipeline anomalies

  • Mitigation / remediation

  • Documentation of findings

Failure Analysis & Material Evaluation of Pipelines

Owners manage the integrity of above-ground and buried pipelines with numerous systems and processes. However, there can be unforeseeable circumstances or system breakdowns which precipitate failures of piping and auxiliary equipment. Our highly experienced engineers can perform failure analysis, evaluate material properties, and suggest alternatives to materials, testing/monitoring procedures to help prevent future occurrences. As part of the failure investigation/product evaluation, engineers assess the components in the field and/or laboratory which may include:

  • Detailed analysis of pipeline fracture surface to determine failure mode/mechanism,

  • Determine if pipe meets the specified mechanical and chemical properties with laboratory testing

  • Optical microscopy and scanning electron microscopy to evaluate material microstructure, flaws, and fracture surfaces

  • Determine the presence of bacteria involved in microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC)

  • Perform burst testing of pipe to predict failure pressures, strain and fracture mode

  • Crack Tip Opening Displacement (CTOD) testing to determine critical allowable flaw sizes in pipe welds

  • Provide independent failure analysis and reports for regulatory bodies

Pipeline Construction

Our Comprehensive Services include:

  • Internal X-ray and Gamma Crawler Radiography

  • External Gamma or X-ray radiography

  • AUT using the latest most reliable technology

  • Manual conventional UT or Phased Array UT

  • MT/PT inspection

  • UT Lamination Scans

  • Arc Strike Investigations and Removal

  • Pipeline Welding Inspection

  • Mechanical/Chemical Testing

  • Failure Analysis

  • Weld Procedure/Welder

  • Qualification Testing Procedure

  • Writing Monitor Testing of Welders Destructive and Nondestructive Testing

  • Document Preparation and Review Destructive Weld Tests QA/QC Services

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