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In the mining industry, the reliability of mining equipment and the safety of personnel working with it is of paramount importance. Equipment can be placed under enormous strain due to the harsh working environments present in mines and quarries, such as highly variable rock types, which can lead to catastrophic failures, resulting in injury and potential death, as well as lost productivity and time for the mining project. Therefore, monitoring the equipment for damage and potential flaws is vital for the industry.

This is where Advanced NDT & Consulting can assist our "Partners". Non-destructive testing (NDT) is an umbrella term for a range of techniques that can be incredibly useful for testing the integrity and proper function of mining equipment. NDT methods can evaluate a material or component’s properties without causing undue damage or altering it, saving time and money.
NDT methods rely on the use of electromagnetic radiation, sound or other types of signal conversion to inspect the material in question. Multiple NDT methods exist which have been developed since the early 20th Century and have been utilized in several different industries, including medicine, art, electrical engineering, civil engineering, and systems engineering, in addition to the mining industry. NDT is one of the most widely-used analysis methods in modern scientific research and quality assurance, as it is particularly suited to a wide array of applications and industries.

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