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Metal Fabrication

Count on us for quick and reliable inspections of your fabricated components. 

We provide radiography, ultrasonic, magnetic particle, liquid penetrant, and visual inspection options to evaluate components for weakness and discontinuities. Our certified and experienced technicians evaluate fabricated components for cracking, porosity, incomplete penetration, inclusions, lack of sidewall fusions, and similar defects.
More problems occur at welds than anywhere else in fabricated components. Our welding engineers are trained in welding technology, procedures, and code requirements for buildings, bridges, pipelines, heavy industrial machinery, railway track, boilers, and pressure vessels, including all relevant AWS, ASME, API, and CSA codes and standards.

Our team works together with you our "Partner" and your team to ensure that you have the answers you need by providing you with the following services:

• NDT Testing for material evaluation

• Establish welding

• QA of welding practices

• Failed weld forensics

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