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Optical Emission Spectroscopy - OES

Optical Emission Spectroscopy, or OES analysis, is a rapid method for determining the elemental composition of a variety of metals and alloys. Advanced NDT & Consulting is equipped and ready to evaluate the properties of your material, as well as supporting OES on your site. 
OES analysis uses a sparking process, which involves applying an electrical charge to the sample, vaporizing a small amount of material. The peak wavelength(from the spark)  identifies the element, and its peak area or intensity gives an indication of its quantity in the sample. The analyzer then uses this information to calculate the sample’s elemental composition based on a calibration with certified reference material. The whole process, from pressing a start button or a trigger to getting the analysis results, can be as quick as 3 seconds or it can take up to 30 seconds for a full accurate quantitative analysis, it all depends on the analyzer used, the range of elements measured and the concentrations of those elements.

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Screen Shot 2021-04-29 at 9.29.21 AM.png

Compared to other analytical techniques, OES has many advantages: it’s fast and relatively easy to use, it measures a wide range of elements and concentrations in many different types of materials, including important elements such as carbon, sulfur, phosphorous, boron and nitrogen. It’s extremely accurate when measuring low levels of trace and tramp elements, and it’s fairly low-cost compared to other techniques.

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