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Magnetic Testing

MT provides a fast, cost-effective, reliable evaluation of surface defects.



Magnetic particle inspection has many uses both in the lab and in the field and is effective for:

  • Final inspection

  • Receiving inspection

  • In-process inspection and quality control

  • Maintenance and overhaul in the transportation industries

  • Plant and machinery maintenance

  • Inspection of large components

Magnetic particle testing advantages:

  • Can detect both surface and near subsurface indications

  • Can inspect large and irregular shapes easily

  • Surface preparation not as critical

  • Indications are immediately visible directly on the specimen surface

  • Inexpensive compared to many other NDT techniques

  • Portable inspection especially when used with battery-powered equipment

  • Quick and relatively uncomplicated

  • Is adapted for site or workshop use

  • Training is less stringent than for UTRT or ET

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