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Instrumented Indentation Technique (IIT) by Frontics America – Exams are performed in the field by highly trained technicians. Minor surface requirements are needed. This method establishes Tensile Strength, Yield Strength, Residual Stress, Elastic Modulus and Hardness. IIT evaluates the mechanical properties of metallic materials by pressing a probe with a ball-shaped tip several tens to hundreds of §­ into the facilities being assessed. Mechanical properties such as hardness, elastic modulus, tensile properties, fracture toughness, and residual stress are derived from continuous measurements of the load-displacement curve. The reliability and accuracy of this technique has been recognized by its ISO


Instrumented Indentation Technique (IIT) by Frontic America

• Exams are performed in the field & in the ditch.

• Minor buffing of the inspection area is required < 0.0.10"

• Results given for the following:

• Tensile Strength

• Yield strength

• Residual Stress

• Elastic Modulus

• Hardness

Screen Shot 2021-04-29 at 10.08.06
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