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Moisture Detection Imaging (MDI)

What NDT inspection can assist in finding corrosion under insulation (CUI). These are questions conscientious system operators should ask when trying to hold off the costly problem of hidden corrosion in their systems. CUI is one of the most difficult corrosion processes to prevent but adoption of proactive measures, such as the development of an inspection program intended to detect early signs of corrosion and mitigate potential piping failures, is critical. This is were Moisture Detection Imaging (MDI) comes in.

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MDI will visually identify the presence of moisture in real-time within, or under insulation without the use of other nondestructive testing and without having to remove the insulation. Detecting moisture is one way to attack the root cause of corrosion versus focusing on symptoms. MDI is just one part of our CUI inspection program which enables the operators and owners to make decisions and prioritize where to focus more targeted inspection methods.

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