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At Advanced NDT & Consulting we understand the competitive edge your company can have when defects are found early in the process. When working with Manufacturers are motto is "Safely create a product, right the first time, and delivered on time to your customer". Our Technicians have over 40 years working in various manufacturing facilities from Aerospace, Structural, Automotive, and Piping & Tubing. Our Technicians have also worked for some of the biggest manufactures in the United States.  Our experience shows as we work hand in hand with our "Partners" to find anomalies early in their production process and provide them with the information that they need to make decisions that ultimately lowers their rework or reject rate and increases their production.




• Commissioning of newly purchased NDT equipment

• Strategic planning to minimize downtime utilizing 6 Sigma & 5S techniques

• Downtime or changeover improvements

• Turnarounds for scheduled maintenance

• Data acquisition for informed production decision making

• ISO 9001 External Auditing

• Quality Management System implementation & Auditing

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