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Building & Infrastructure

The construction of metal structures involves the possibility of defects that are not visible, especially in regard to welds. These defects may involve later pathologies if they are not detected, and even the collapse or breakage of the joints. However, to counteract these risks, it is possible to determine the resulting condition of welds after execution using Non-Destructive Tests. These tests provide information on possible defects that may exist on the surface or inside the welds. Other times, information on the nature and strength of the material installed at the worksite needs to be determined, or verifications must be done on possible internal defects of the material or thicknesses of the surface protection systems. These aspects can also be determined by Non-Destructive Testing.

Advanced NDT & Consulting has extensive experience in Structrual NDT Testing. Some of the testing our skilled team of Technicians can provide include:

• Visual Testing

• Penetrant Testing

• Magnetic Particle Testing

• Ultrasonic Testing

• Metallugical Testing

• Paint/Coating Thickness

• Geometric Controls

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