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Depend on us for cost-effective solutions and unparalleled quality.

The exacting standards of the aerospace industry are no match for the professionals. Our solutions are designed to meet your precise requirements for reliability, timeliness, and cost-efficiency:

Aerospace components are field-tested and highly inspected. Inspection programs are part of the manufacturer’s quality procedures and, in many cases, required by FAA regulations. Our specialized team aerospace experts work in a laboratory environment that uses both traditional and advanced nondestructive testing methods to identify defects in critical structural, airframe, and engine and accessory components, including:


• Aerospace cast parts and forgings

• Turbine blade inspection

• Turbine rotor inspection

• Composite materials inspection

• Field site inspections

• Service procedures that meet aerospace standards with a quicker turnaround time

All technicians are qualified and certified in accordance with NAS-410.

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